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'Rockiní with the GSO' moves to the River Run Centre for 2010

Guelph musician, Ed Malison, achieved a lifelong dream when his band, Euphoric Flight, performed with members of Guelph Symphony Orchestra at E.L.Fox Auditorium last September. This year, 'Rockiní with the GSO' will make its River Run Centre debut on Saturday September 25th, 2010 at 8 PM.

The collaboration will unleash 20 pop and rock songs on the main stage that will appeal to musicians and lovers of all musical genres who seek a first-class musical experience.'I cannot wait to hear the full arrangement of ‘New Red Shoes’ – it is an awesome song to begin with and our arranger has done a fantastic job of capturing its passion and excitement'. '35 musicians will share the stage to perform the biggest pop and rock songs, those that have already made a lasting impression on music lovers, for teens to seniors – from Beattles to Heart to Bon Jovi. We’ve done our homework and replaced many of the songs with new ones that are even more powerful.' 

Malison had tested the audience response last year in anticipation of eventually playing at the River Run Centre. The premiere concert was such a huge success that the River Run Centre’s main hall was bookedshortly after their first performance. The GSO is now in its 10 a full symphony orchestra with up to 50 musicians on stage at its home venue of River Run Centre. Having played in jazz and rock bands, Malison had the idea of being united on stage with the best of Guelph’s pop and rock musicians. Approaching several whom he admired, he formed the group Euphoric Flight in 2008.

The show will be enhanced this year. Guelph-born composer and singer,Lynzie Kent, will be featured singing lead vocals on several of the classic rock songs. Malison, who believes in promoting local talent, had one of Lynzie’s original compositions from her latest CD, fully orchestrated for this concert. Malison says, 

Malison, the show’s producer, will again move over from trumpet to bass guitar and vocals for the September 25th concert. Returning with the band are John Tonin (guitar and vocals), Dominic Dinino (drums), Tony Hastings (lead vocals), Jessica Cano and Anita Smith (vocals) and Steve Malison (guitars,keyboards, sax, vocals). Amy Wark, also with the GSO, has joined Euphoric Flight and will play keyboards and provide background vocals. Chris Cigolea will again be Music Director and Carol Sammut returns as Concert Master.

The concert will feature covers of classic pop and rock songs.

Malison again hired Dawn Selby from South Africa to arrange all of the pieces for the 2010 concert, and like last year, she will travel to Canada to share in the experience. Glen Keleher returns as MC, and the large group is ready to take the main stage on September 25th. A portion of the proceeds will go to support Addictions Ontario.

Malison sees this concert as an evolution of the premier concert. It remains a celebration of Guelph’s wellknown tradition of providing top musical talent together again to repeat this very special event.

'The artists are right here in Guelph; I just brought them together again to repeat this very special event'

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